Seeking E-book Space? Valmeeki Guides You

Publishing your book has just become easy. Valmeeki Books Pvt Ltd allows writers to simply log on to its website to do the needful at zero cost. As a bonus, it also proof reads your work, again at no cost, before making it public. The start-up website has something attractive for readers too.Registered users get first 20 reads free after which they have to pay for every additional book. Of this, 50 per cent goes to writers as royalty. Those signing exclusive agreements get 70 per cent.

 The concept behind Valmeeki started in 2012, but was formally launched in August, 2014.

“We got our first break in January this year. When our first batch of writers agreed to publish with us. Since then, we have inducted nearly 100 authors into our fold. The presence of state-owned consultancy firm KITCO as a shareholder has added a new level of credibility to our organisation,” says Vishnu, one of the four founders.............Read more

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