Curves of words that pen stories

Special pen nibs, calculated pressure, different coloured inks, synchronised hand movements and mindfulness can create elegant lettering on canvas through calligraphy. Though every country has its own traditional calligraphy styles, the art form today has evolved as an amalgamation of several scripts and typographs. Having attained a more contemporary style status over the last few centuries, City Express talks to Chennai-based calligraphers about the art and its role in the modern world.

After the entry of printing and a keyboard-inclined society, the demand for handwritten works started facing a decline. However, this did not necessarily mean an end to calligraphy. Raju Patil, a self-taught calligrapher with over 20 years of experience, says that calligraphy or ‘the art of expressing words in an ornamental way’ will never see a decline..........Read more


Source: The New Indian Express

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