Sailors of Stories

India is a sea of stories. On its tides are old ships piloted by new sailors. A talented group of men and women, who have plundered the treasures of Hindoostan’s folklore, grandmother’s tales and the vast canvas of the epics, are bringing its tales to the contemporary audience. Their inspiration is the soul of the story. Today, individuals such as Neelesh Misra who brought back storytelling to radio, Sanjoy Roy who was the pioneer of several festivals around the art form, Koitso Salil Mukhia who is bringing back shamanic stories of his community, Samatha Sharma who is telling tales for therapeutic purposes, Mohan Krishnan, the banker who trained freshers using the medium at the Reserve Bank of India and later traded his profession for storytelling, have made it their journey of exploration....................Read more


Source: The New Indian Express

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