World Hindu Economic Forum to create bank, funding support system for industries

The World Hindu Economic Forum (WHEF), a body that connects Indian diaspora entrepreneurs with their counterparts, aims to create a funding base, either through setting-up a bank or a start-up, or venture capital kind of funding system, said WHEF founder Swami Vigyananand.

The Indian banking system is highly regulated and it has not been possible so far to form one but the forum is keen on setting-up a financial ecosystem, he said.

“We wanted to have a bank, we were told we won’t get permission. We wanted to buy a bank in Mauritius, we thought of setting-up one outside. That also we were told would not be allowed to operate here,” said Vigyananand, adding it has looked at opportunities for buying a bank from Surinam to Indonesia, and has not given up the idea.

WHEF’s next edition scheduled to be organised in Mumbai from September 27 to 29 and aims to drive home the point of reviving manufacturing growth. ‘Manufacturing Landscape – Industry 4.0’ is the main theme, which would look at how India can take the advantage of the next generation technology-driven industrial revolution.Read more

Source Web page: New Indian Express

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