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A young Pune entrepreneur is taking low-cost high-quality teaching models to schools

PUNE: In a small workshop, hidden away on Pune’s NDA road, a demonstration is under way. A supervisor draws diagrams on a white-board, watched closely by a group of four or five employees. Shelves line the walls, displaying a variety of science models on bases made of black acrylic fibre; more acrylic sheets are stacked to one side; a DC motor vies for space with a conductivity tester, a beam balance and a large yellow plastic ball (intended to explain how the human retina functions). All told, this workshop produces 81 such models, covering around 540 concepts of science for students from the third to the tenth grade.

Overseeing the whole operation from a corner is Lewitt Somarajan, curly-haired and bespectacled, every bit the eccentric scientist. Except that he is the boss here, the entrepreneur running the show...................Read more


Source: The Hindu

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