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Entrepreneur and motivational speaker Sumathi Srinivas on addressing the British Parliament earlier this year

An invite to speak at the British Parliament would probably excite most people out of their wits. But not entrepreneur, media person and motivational speaker, Sumathi Srinivas. Through the day, she gets several calls, starting at 7 a.m., (her day starts at 4.30 a.m.), right up to the time she gets back at 10 p.m., and sometimes even after midnight. “I get hundreds of requests from colleges to give motivational talks. So, when I got the invite {from Virendra Sharma, Member of Parliament, UK} in March to speak on women entrepreneurs, I took it as any other invitation, without really realising how huge an opportunity it was,” says Sumathi, who runs an event management company called Twilite Creations, and is the editor of Women Exclusive magazine. However, the magnitude of it sunk in as she waited for her U.K. visa to be processed.................Read more


Source: The Hindu

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