How a gurukul for coders is changing lives

Shivam Monga's Dilliwala accent gives way to an American twang as he explains in soft, polite tones how the listener has won a lottery from the US government. It was a bait the 21-year-old would belt out with ease 400 times a night. Some unsuspecting Americans even fell for it. But then, news of police raids on the Gurugram call centre started doing the rounds. Fearing a shutdown, Shivam took his month's salary and quit. Nine months on, he's headed to become a software engineer.
From playing hide-and-seek with a life of hopelessness and possibly crime, Shivam has come a long way. Thanks to NavGurukul, the past year has been life-changing for him and some other youngsters. A brainchild of two techies, the non-profit initiative teaches coding to academically bright but underprivileged students. The course has been rewritten in Hindi and designed to aid self-learning by the two founders, Abhishek Gupta and Rishabh Verma, who were joined by their disillusionment with India's higher education system.....Read more


Source web page:Times of India

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