Giving life to handloom, one ‘nool’ at a time

Sustainability is the guiding principle for MD of URCConstruction Devarajan Chinnuswamy. So much so that the owner of the Erode-based construction went out of his way to revive the dying weaving clusters in his hometown Chennimalai, about 30km from Erode.
Giving a new means of survival and economic independence for weavers in the area, he set up Five P Ventures along with his friend Sampath Kasirajan in 2013. Spearheaded by Chinnuswamy’s daughter Bharathi, the venture has brought new hope for dwindling community of weavers.

In the middle of a barren land in Chennimalai, Five P Ventures centre stands out with its modern, well-lit and spacious building. It houses closes 30 looms where weavers bring life to high-end fabric including denim, linen and ahimsa silk. These fabrics are supplied to designers across the globe including Australia,....Read more


Source web page:Times of India

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