ISF to host world employment conference in India in 2016

For the first time, the 49th Ciett World Employment Conference (WEC) will be held in India. Indian Staffing Federation (ISF), an apex body of flexi staffing industry in India, will be hosting WEC in May 2016, thus creating a 'window of opportunity' to showcase India in front of the global employment industry.

Indian workforce has increased to 397.4 million in 2013 with 3 million erstwhile informal sector workers entering the formal sector employment, aiding in a significant surge of 7.2 million in the formal sector workforce. Nearly 12 million people enter the labour market every year but less than 10% land jobs; a large potential group of trained school students, who currently translate into 90% of the population are waiting outside the ambit of formal structured learning, to be available for employment and 2.5 mn graduates passing out of colleges each year, currently without adequate skills need to be trained.................Read more


Source: The Times of India

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