From Diwali safai to declutter coach

Most Indian homes are overflowing with thi-ngs that will probably never get used — tacky Diwali gifts from office, suitcases bursting with old clothes, plastic cutlery left over from food deliveries, greeting cards from a different lifetime, even used gift-wrapping paper and ribbons. While some of us like to hoard such stuff, others are simply too busy or too lazy to clean the mess.

Enter the professional declutterers. Delhi’s Manmeet Kumar recently hired the services of Shivani Gulati, declutter and organising coach in Gurgaon, to free up space in her cupboards and store room. “My father loves to hoard stuff — be it Diwali lights or branded clothes. He refuses to just give them away because he feels it should be done after some thought and they should go to someone ‘deserving’,” says Kumar, who got her space decluttered while her father was away in Hong Kong on a short trip.

 A well-known concept abroad, professional decluttering is still very new in India. “In the first year of launching my service, I had no clients. This year I have decluttered 20 homes so far,” says Gulati. 
In Mumbai, Kiran Khanna hired Organise with Ease in May to re-do the family’s cupboards. “From the outside everything looks neat in our house but if you open the cupboards and drawers you see the mess,” says Khanna, a lawyer, who says too many clothes were clogging up her wardrobe. Rohini Rajagopalan, founder of the decluttering service, worked with Khanna’s children, 13 and 9, to figure out the stuff they needed and what could be given away for charity.
“It really changed their way of thinking. Now, when we go on holidays and shop for them they refuse and say they already have this stuff back home,” says Khanna who has taken a three-month contract and gets declutter tips on her WhatsApp, and visits from Rajagopalan.....Read more
Source web page: Times of India

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