A flag for all

The Chennai Tricolor Initiative aims to install a monumental national flag on the Marina

Imagine watching a giant flag flutter in the wind on Marina Beach. A monumental one that will rouse a feeling of pride every time you spot it; a tourist attraction, maybe. All in our very own city. That’s exactly what the Chennai Tricolor Initiative is all about. Pioneered by a group of Chennaiites, the movement seeks to crowdfund a monumental flag in the city, much like the one at Connaught Place in Delhi.

“Since the Monumental Flag went up in Delhi, there are several cities across the country, which have gotten them installed. However, Chennai is yet to have a flag that is in a public space. While it has been typically seen at war memorials, airports, ports, and institutions, there’s nothing in a public space as yet,” says Javeeth Ahmed, a sales and marketing executive and a volunteer with the initiative..............Read more


Source: The Hindu

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