A hobby that grows on him

D. Vijaya Baskaran has been planting 300 trees annually for 20 years

On a quiet Alwarpet lane that is lined with trees is a cubbyhole of a tailor shop. Outside the shop lie several saplings under the shade of a giant tree which the owner of the shop — 65-year-old D. Vijaya Baskaran — planted two decades ago.

“I may plant these two tomorrow or the day after,” he says.

Mr. Baskaran has been planting about 300-350 trees every year, for the last 20 years.

“In 1989, I became sick and was on forced rest for a while. So, I just started planting saplings near my residence-cum-shop. Then, over the years, I increased the number of trees I would plant, from 100 a year to about 350 a year now,” he says..............Read more


Source: The Hindu

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