Women in law: How police mitras combat crime in this UP district

This remote district in Uttar Pradesh is using an effective ‘police mitra’ project to help crack down on crime

It was about four in the afternoon when the phone rang. At first, the 55-year-old bespectacled Sumitra Devi could not understand what the caller was saying. All she could hear were incoherent words and a woman sobbing. Realising that something was gravely amiss, Sumitra gently asked the caller to calm down and then speak. It turned out it was Meena Devi, a daily wage worker and a member of the same village organisation to which Sumitra belonged. What she heard led Sumitra to drop everything and rush out of her home.

It would take a brisk 15-minute walk from her home in village Uswaha Tola to reach the local market where Meena was waiting. As she hurried down, all Sumitra could think of was how she, a police mitra (friend of the police), could help. She knew that in cases of sexual assault and rape, the police had to be called in, but being a mother of five children, three of them daughters, Sumitra also knew the matter had to be handled sensitively.............Read more


Source: The Hindu

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