As cardamom production picks up, Indian traders see higher exports

The production and export of cardamom, also known as the queen of spices, has been increasing over the past three years. Despite competition from Guatemala, the largest producer of cardamom, there are good days for cardamom sector in the country.

India grew just over 20,000 tonnes of cardamom and exported around 4,700 tonnes in 2013-14. However, during 2015-16, 27,300 tonnes of cardamom were produced and over 6,000 tonnes were exported globally. In three years the production and exports have increased by 33.5 per cent and 30 per cent, respectively.

“Indian spices have a particular liking globally. Though the country consumes large portion of its production, we could cater well to the export market as well. India produces the superior quality of cardamom hence we have religious buyers across the globe. The trend will continue in the future as well. Guatemala is a prominent player but they could not beat us in quality,” opined Gulshan John, chairman, All India Spices Exporters Forum..................Read more


Source: The New Indian Express

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