The solar-wind handshake

A hybrid renewable unit that uses both solar and wind energy now comes to India 

In the expanding world of renewable energy, hybrid technology products are poised to make a dent! They promise to power the needs of small commercial establishments, farmhouses and homes in remote areas where conventional electricity cannot reach.

At present, standalone solar photovoltaic panels, wind turbines and hydropower systems are providing solutions to an extent, with seasonal limitations and varying costs. Will hybrids emerge as a viable option in the near future? One of the first hybrids that packs both solar and wind generation into a single unit has arrived in India—SolarMill, developed by US-based WindStream Technologies. The installed capacity of a typical device is expected to be 2.5 kw (1.5 kw of solar and 1 kw of wind). The hybrids are available in multiple combinations, starting from 750 W (500 W wind, 250 W solar) to 3.25 KW.................Read more


Source: BusinessLine

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