Plugging into farm waste for power

If all your growing up years your world would plunge into darkness every evening, it is not a memory you easily forget. For Gyanesh Pandey and Ratnesh Yadav every meeting would at some point converge on their childhood days in the early 1990s spent without electricity in the rural areas of Bihar.

Now university qualified, they vowed to bring light at the flick of a switch to the areas that were still not connected to the grid. To come up with an environment friendly and a viable venture, they roped in Manoj Sinha who had studied business management. This was in 2007, when still a third of the country's population had no access to electricity.

After an unsuccessful attempt to use Jatropha seeds to create biodiesel fuel, the friends zeroed in on rice husk, a waste product generated when rice, a staple food, is processed in the mill to remove the chaff from the grain. They found that in paddy growing Bihar alone an estimated 1.8 billion kg of husk was generated every year but put to no productive use..................Read more


Source: Business Line

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