Cooking technology that turns agricultural waste into money

Mahesh Yagnaraman likes pounding the street. The Managing Director and CEO of First Energy covers about 100 km a month. His business partner, Mukund Deogaonkar is a keen marathoner, too, and the duo's athletic passion is an apt metaphor for the long haul before a business seeking to change the way food is cooked in Indian villages and towns.

First Energy provides biomass-based cooking solutions, in the form its Oorja-branded stoves fired by fuel pellets made from peanut shells, bagasse and other agricultural waste.

At the core of the stoves, designed in collaboration with engineers at the Indian Institute of Science, or IISc, Bangalore, is gasification, a process of controlled combustion resulting in a gas that can be used as a fuel that is cleaner than, say, firewood. It has a perforated chamber with a fan, powered by a rechargeable battery, and burns at high temperatures with relatively low smoke emission......Read More



Source: Business Today

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