Biomass power producers form pan-India body

Biomass based power producers from across the country have come together to form a pan-India body Biomass Developers Association with the objective of working together to harness the country’s estimated potential of about 19,000 mw and to address some of the challenges faced in implementing the projects.

“From State-based associations of biomass producers, we are expanding this to form a pan-India body. Though there have been larger guidelines of the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission with regard to biomass, the issues are largely State related,” Mr. P. Krishna Kumar, Managing Director of Orient Green Power Company Ltd., said.

In an exclusive interaction with Business Line, Mr. Krishna Kumar said biomass forms an important part of renewable energy source and holds promise to add to the existing generation capacity. Yet it is largely untapped as the fuel input costs have gone up nearly twice in the past few years and the overall cost per unit works out to about Rs.5.50 to Rs.6 a unit.......Read More



Source: Business Line

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