This Royal Enfield bullet runs on cooking oil

A group of students from Kochi show you why throwing away used cooking oil might be a bad idea finds out

Fuel price hike is a concern for the whole country. When the Green Tribunal banned old diesel vehicles, everyone was suddenly concerned about vehicular pollution too. But rather than cribbing about it, a group of engineering students from Kochi were adamant about finding a solution. And the result? They made fuel out of used cooking oil.

Athul Geo, Rahul CV, Ajin CM and Raveen Kumar made biofuel as a part of their final year project. “I’ve read about fuel made from waste in other countries and I thought why not try it here,” says Athul, the team leader. When he consulted his team about it, they too seemed very interested.

It took them around seven months to make the project a success. Since the fuel that they made was very less in quantity, it cost around Rs 76 per litre. But Athul says that if the fuel is made on a large scale, the price would come down as low as Rs 36 per litre................Read more


Source: News Express

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