At a time when the Mumbai Traffic Police is launching a first of its kind breathalyzer that can record the offender's details at that precise moment for future reference, the Kolkata Police is also planning to start a trial run for this equipment soon.

 According to police, these breathalyzers would instantly take a picture of the readings and transfer it to the traffic police headquarters. This will ensure that the results are not tampered with. Though the blood test will still have to be conducted at the hospital, any delay in conducting the final test will automatically get recorded. Sources at Lalbazar insisted that with this device, they can also identify the repeat offenders easily.
As of now, we cannot trace a repeat offender unless he is tested positive more than once. Using these readings, we will now get to know about those who challenge the permissible limits often,“ said a senior police officer. 
Police said they have chosen to use such devices and even impound vehicles rather than arresting the offenders for a number of purposes.Even when a case makes it to court, it can take years, argue jurists, since the method of evidence collection is very complex. “There are procedural lapses at several levels. Most of the time, we are content registering a simple case of rash driving in fatal cases, rarely evoking other harsher sections. The court has now begun taking a more proactive role by stopping the defence from taking unnecessary adjournments,“ said a senior IPS officer....Read more
Source web page: Times of india