Seven-year-old crossed over to Pakistan in 1984, parents still hopeful

Nanak's parents would meet External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj next month again and seek her help in getting him back, Kohli said.

For hapless parents of Nanak Singh, who was just seven when he inadvertently crossed over to Pakistan in 1984 from his border village, the longing for a glimpse of their son has become a never-ending wait. That day in 1984, Nanak was playing with his father in the agriculture fields of Channa Bedi border village from where Pakistan was within a stone’s throw distance.

“While playing in the field he stepped into Pakistan and forgot the directions. He got lost in agriculture fields,” said Rattan Singh, the father, tears rolling down his cheeks.

There was no border security barbed fence in 1984, so it was easy to stray over to Pakistan, says Keshav Kohli, who runs the NGO, Independent Student Federation....................Read more


Source: The Indian Express

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