Government clears drones for commercial use

You will soon have drones delivering goods at your doorsteps as the government on Wednesday announced that it would allow commercial use of drones in the country. Announcing the proposed drone policy, civil aviation secretary R N Choubey said, “These rules allow companies to deliver goods at doorstep, provided they follow the norms prescribed under the rules. In fact, (aviation) ministers have wanted it to be open for all to use, including businesses.”

The proposed drone policy, prepared by the Ministry of Civil Aviation after long-drawn consultations with the Ministry of Home Affairs, has classified drones into five groups based on weight — nano (up to 250 gram), micro (251 gram to 2 kg), mini (heavier than 2 kg but not more than 25 kg), small (heavier than 25 kg but not more than 150 kg) and large (heavier than 150 kg)....Read more


Source web page: New Indian Express

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