Army makes bulletproof plan for border with modular bunkers

The Army has begun its search for Lego-like modular, portable, bullet and blast-proof bunkers to replace stone-mud-log and steel shelters as it secures the nation’s frontiers against China and Pakistan. The security revamp also includes standardising bulletproof material for all applications, including that for designing jackets and vehicles. 

Besides maximising the use of technology to enhance operational efficiency, this is a way being taken the Army to adopt homegrown solutions rather than fine-tune foreign equipment as per local requirements. 

The Army is currently using two types of bunkers: One, constructed using material such as stones, mud and logs. The longevity of these bunkers is a problem because they collapse under enemy fire and are vulnerable to vagaries of weather. Two, steel bunkers constructed by ferrying material that are cumbersome to carry to high-altitude areas. They also .. Read more

Source web page:Economic Times



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