Wright Who? Hoary Sanskrit Texts Had all on Aviation Tech

MUMBAI: Classical Sanskrit text on medicine Susrut Samhita talking about anatomical science ahead of Hippocrates, Baudhayan first describing Pythagoras theorem some 300 years ahead of the Greek mathematician, value of Pi first written about in Ganita Kaumudi and Vedic aviation technology tested much before Wright brothers — the most sought-after Indian Science Congress session ‘Vedic Science through Sanskrit’ on Sunday had it all to keep audience glued to their seats for over five hours.

Among the 500-odd people who attended the event at the University of Mumbai, there were many scientists who came out of curiosity searching for evidence for the claims made by the speakers. Many saints in saffron and white were also present among the audience.

The focus was on Captain Anand J Bodas, who has courted lot of controversy over claims of aeroplanes being discovered in Vedic times. Undeterred by all the negative attention he got, Bodas said history has “only noted” Wright brothers flying the first aircraft in 1903 but there is reference of India’s aviation technology in the Rig Veda which has not become part of official history.............Read more


Source web page: The New Indian Express

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