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My grandmother used to cook with wood fire. After the process, we would be asked to mix the leftover ash from cooking with rock salt and use as tooth powder. This is one among the many traditional practices I imbibed from her and now I’m trying to implement it in my daily life by extending it to other products,” says Kirti Negi Bajoria, co-founder of Aitareya Living. The online-based brand has a collection of sustainable cleaning solutions for everyday use at home. 

Five years ago, Kirti took a sabbatical and had plenty of time in hand to scout for organic alternatives for diaper and skincare for her newborn child. There were not many options in the market. She decided to prepare homemade solutions with natural ingredients sourced locally and from across the country. Eventually, she teamed up with her friends Archana Choudhury and Shailee Gupta who shared similar thoughts. Together, they formed Aitareya Living in April this year. 

“All the products are tried and tested at our home. They’re bottled and delivered based on demand. We currently retail at Earth Story store in Besant Nagar. We’re also taking part in exhibitions. These organic products have the same effect as those you buy from markets. The shelf life is three to six months despite not adding chemicals or preservatives. We have from 500 ml to five-litre quantity in whatever bottle you pick up. We also believe in zero waste and offer refill options for your existing bottles,” says Kirti. Read more

Source web page:New Indian Express

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