Pearl of ayurvedic wisdom

when you see someone wearing a beautiful strand of pearls, the epithet ‘cool’  is bound to cross your mind. In Ayurveda, mukta  or a pearl is used for cooling your system and is considered a pitta hara. Pearls are processed and made into fine powder and used in various formulations. Pearls are used as asmuktapishti or muktabhasma. Both are very helpful in conditions where the system needs to be cooled down. If you ever want to test whether the pearls which are sold to you in Hyderabad (fast emerging as the pearl capital of India) is genuine or not try rubbing the pearl with paddy husk. There should be no change in the shine or lustre of the pearl.

Another test, which is easier for Ayurvedists, is to soak it in cow’s urine for a while. Again, there should be no change in the lustre of the pearl. Next time when you go shopping for pearls, maybe you should consider taking a small bottle of cow’s urine in your handbag. And see the consternation in the eyes of the shopkeeper when the test is carried out. Pearls have myriad uses in ayurvedic chikitsa. From lowering the blood pressure to strengthening the cardiac muscles, pearl is a versatile gemstone. It is included in the navaratna category or nine gemstones; the others being ruby, coral, emerald, topaz, diamond, sapphire, hessonite and cat’s eye......Read more


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