Care for some grass?

It grows wild, needs no tending, but can take immense care of the human body

Every year, when as kids we would see our mother disappear into the kitchen garden with a bamboo basket looking to pick all the natural available green plants, we would make nasty comments on how she intends to feed us goat’s fodder. According to the traditional Assamese practice of eating and detoxing naturally, a combination of various edible leaves/wild plants are cooked for a meal as Spring approaches. The combination of green leaves includes ferns and shoots of plants like fiddlehead fern, heartleaf, pennywort, skunk vine, elephant ear, and a lot more (The list of the names of the indigenous plants are never-ending). Among the many leaves, the one which was a must was the hogweed plant or the ‘punarnava’ in Sanskrit and Hindi..................Read more


Source:  The Hindu

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