Warming up to cold pressing: Chekku oil back on shelves

Whenever he needs to stock up on oil, V Chokkalingam heads not to the local department store but to the new ‘ennai chekku’ or oil mill in Adambakkam, where he can pick up fresh, cold-pressed coconut and gingelly oil. It has been six month since he made the switch, having researched the benefits of cold pressing.

“When oil is refined, it loses a lot of nutrients but cold pressing it in a chekku ensures that you retain all of it,” says the 35-year-old who works in a software firm. “I wanted to ensure that I use healthy oil in my daily cooking.”

Traditionally, south India was known for using cold pressed oil. Bullocks were led around the ‘chekku’, turning the wooden crusher to extract oil. It was sold loose and people would head to the mills with containers to collect it....................Read more


Source: The Times of India

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