Hyderabad scientists synthesise novel low-calorie fats

Studies have also indicated similarities in thermo-physical properties of bakery fats and the newly synthesised fats.

Health-conscious individuals need no longer worry about the high calorific value of the vegetable oils they consume.

Scientists at the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT), Hyderabad, have developed novel low-calorie fats based on edible oils like sunflower that provide 5.2 K cals/g as against 9 K cals/g by the vegetable oils; they have shown promising health benefits in studies conducted in rats and rabbits.

The nutritionally improved synthesised fats are trans-free and have the potential to be used as frying oil and replace bakery fats, according to Dr. R.B.N. Prasad, Head of Centre for Lipid Research, IICT. The fats have shown to lower serum, liver cholesterol and triglycerides in rats and reduce fat accumulation in arteries in rabbits.................Read more


Source: The Hindu

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