Beat the blues with these helpful kits

Handy guides to emotional and mental well-being

According to the World Health Organisation, all it takes is 40 seconds of action to start a conversation with someone you think/know is struggling with their mental health. This is the focus of 2019’s World Mental Health Day, which will be observed on October 10. Of late, plenty of action is being taken both online and offline to erase the stigma surrounding such topics.

For instance, late last year, Tina Chan, a masters student of Public Health and Health Systems at the University of Waterloo, Canada, came up with the idea of creating a first aid kit for mental trauma. The Panic, Anxiety and Stress Support Kit, or PASS Kit, contains flashcards with concise mental health advice, ear plugs, a foam star, eye mask and chewing gum — each with a specific purpose (priced at approximately ?800 on Starting this year, the college hands them out to all first-year students.

Closer home, here are two options for similar kits created by Indian organisation

The Meh Kit

Bhairavi Prakash, psychologist and founder of Bengaluru-based Mithra Trust, says that a lot of information surrounding depression is focussed on illness and not on well-being. There’s also the lack of knowledge that depression is episodic in nature. So they set about crowdfunding a kit that “gives people information and actions they can engage with”. While they set a target of ?2 lakh to create 350 boxes, they raised a little over ?3 lakh.Read more

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