Indian Vaccine Makers Target Unicef Market


Indian vaccine makers have begun targeting the Unicef market to launch their novel vaccine molecules. Vaccine makers are looking to buy technology to develop new vaccines from foreign laboratories and scale up. Companies like Serum Institute, Bharat Biotech, Shanta Biotech, Panacea Biotech and Biologival Evans have collaborated with organisations like WHO and Gates foundation to develop novel vaccines.

Unicef is the largest procurer of vaccines globally which it supplies to all third-world nations. In 2006, the top four Indian vaccine makers supplied 34.3% of Unicef's total requirements. worth $12 million. The revenue earned by the Indian vaccine market in August 2008 was Rs.340 crore, while it made Rs.3,265 crore during 2007-08, a growth of 7%, with the government of India (GOI) being the largest procurer and Uniced coming in for more

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