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Saladaa, with its 27 salad recipes, 22 soup varieties and a host of smoothies, walks you through the Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) diet

“Healthy fats are those which are available in nature: seeds, nuts, avocados .... ” says Sindhu Vijay, consultant dietician and entrepreneur. It is these, as well as more man-made ones, like hung curd — that the once overweight Sindhu gives credit to, for her weight loss and return to good health in 2015-16.

Since then, Sindhu has been working to spread the increasingly popular Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) diet to those who might need it — first in her role as diet consultant in a city hospital, then through eight editions of her recipe book, and finally, through Saladaa. It is a ‘home catering service’ that she runs with her husband, V Vijay, who had reaped similar benefits when he tried the LCHF diet with her.

“We don’t give medical or dietary advice through Saladaa,” clarifies Vijay at the outset, “We deliver two soup-and-salad meals a day to those who want to follow an LCHF diet. If some people want a high-fat or high-protein component to their diet, through doctor’s advice or for fitness reasons, we accommodate that as well.” Though few can deny its immediate advantages and healthy approach, there are some concerns about how sustainable it is as a lifestyle. There are doctors who stand behind it, however, such as the Chennai-based Dr S Vijayaraghavan, who introduced Sindhu to LCHF.

Sindhu found it advantageous enough to stick to it ever since, and has made it her own with personal experimentation. “Onion, tomato, dried ginger, garlic, curry leaves, soaked moong dal and coriander stem,” she reels off, handing me a bowl of soup which contains them all. It is delicious, and tastes akin to a hearty bowl of rasam, with more than a hint of a pepper zing to it. Three quick spoonfuls, and I begin to feel full already.....Read more


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