Want to know the only way to catch vision-killer glaucoma? Go for regular eye check-ups

A disease can be classified as one of these two types: In one, we would experience symptoms and start treatment. In the other, there wouldn’t be any symptoms, leading to problems in future.

Glaucoma is one such eye disease that belongs to the latter category where we wouldn’t experience any pain or vision change. Fluid pressure within the eye rises, damaging the optic nerve and leading to irreversible blindness.

Glaucoma is the second prominent cause of blindness in the world accounting for up to 8% of total blindness. In India, glaucoma is the third-leading cause of irreversible blindness with nearly 12 million people affected and nearly 1.2 million blind from the disease.

Risk is high for people above the age of 40. One in 20 Indians over 40 either have glaucoma or are in danger of developing glaucoma in the future.....Read more


Source web page:Economic Times




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