Aristam ‘wine’ cures tooth ailments and dysentery

Aristam is a very familiar preparation in our traditional systems of medicine. The essence of medicinal herbs is fermented and made into an alcoholic liquid, hence aristam is also known as‘medicinal wine’. Dataki is a medicinal plant species described as the backbone in the preparation of aristams due to its catalytic action in fermenting medicinal wines. Dataki is not only indispensable in aristam preparation, but also known for its variety of curative properties.

The bark of this plant is used for leprosy, dysentery and excessive thirst among diabetic patients. Flowers are used for treating bleeding disorders, diarrhoea, dysentery and also against skin infection herpes. Powdered flowers mixed with honey is administered orally to arrest loose motion. The decoction of the flowers is given to gargle in case of tooth-ache and related dental disorders. The root is known for its curative action against rheumatism. Dataki is one of the dye-yielding plant species in which twigs yield yellow dye and red dye, which is extracted from the petals and used as paint and to dye silks....Read more


Source web page:New Indian Express

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