Accidental drug overdose kills two Indians every day

On an average, India loses at least two people every day due to accidental drug overdose, as per the latest data released by the ministry of home affairs. Experts say the toll could be much higher since many cases go unreported. Psychiatrist Dr A Jagadish, says “There are two issues here. Overdose on prescription drugs which mostly involves sleeping pills and painkillers. The other is narcotics. The abusers end up consuming more than they usually do.”

While both types are accidental in nature, the abuse of illicit drugs is a major problem and activists say a holistic approach by all stakeholders is needed. “The biggest problem is identifying the problem. Recently, a Bengaluru couple, both well educated, brought their son to me. It took them years before they realised their son was smoking cannabis and even growing it at home,” Jagadish said....Read more


Source web page:Times of India

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