Why eating macaroni and cheese can be bad

Chemical Phthalates Detected In Food; Can Cause Genital Birth Defects, Learning Problems In Children
Potentially harmful chemicals that were banned from children's teething rings and rubber duck toys a decade ago may still be present in high concentrations in your child's favourite meal: macaroni and cheese mixes made with powdered cheese.

The chemicals, called phthalates, can disrupt male hormones like testosterone and have been linked to genital birth defects in infant boys and learning and behaviour problems in older children.

The chemicals migrate into food from packaging and equipment and may pose special risks to pregnant women and young children. The Food and Drug Admi nistration has not banned their presence in foods, though a 2014 report to the Consumer Product Safety Commission urged federal agencies to assess risks “with a view to supporting risk management steps.“ The report concluded that food, drugs and beverages, and not toys, were the primary source of exposure to phthalates....Read more


Source web page:Times of India

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