Why early detection and treatment of cancer can make a huge difference

The happy upward graph of prosperity and longevity for Indians is tinged with a health scare: the rising incidenceof age-related chronic diseases such as cancer. Doctors that we spoke to for Outsmart Cancer, a Times of India initiative in association with Apollo Cancer Centre, estimate that 10 lakh new cases of cancer are added to the country's patient pool every year, while another 7 lakh die due to the disease and its complications. By 2020, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) estimates that the numbers would be 17.8 lakh cases and 8.8 lakh deaths respectively.
It's not just the high death rate, cancer patients have to endure physical hardships of toxic chemotherapy as well as emotional trauma. "Cancer causes mental, social and financial crises in people's lives," said cancer surgeon and anti-tobacco activist Dr Pankaj Chaturvedi.

Not surprisingly then, researchers have been looking for ways to outsmart cancer. The search for a reveal-in-a-jiffy diagnostic test or prevent all-cancers vaccine has so far eluded researchers, but doctors have over the years cobbled together a small list of dos and don'ts that can reduce cancer-related stress (see graphic)....Read more


Source web page:Times of India

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