Tree that promises good fortune for the whole family

Ankolam or Azhinjil, known as Alangium salvifoium (L.f.) Wang. in botanical term is one of the most worshipped and auspicious trees in India. A piece of the stem of this tree is kept at the entrance of the houses not only to prevent the entry of evil spirits but also to bring good fortune to a family.

As it is considered very auspicious, the tree is also planted near temples, pavithra vanas. It is grown as Sthala Vruksha/ sacred element in Vairava Temple near Karaikudi, Shivagangai district and Ashtothira Eshwar Temple near Ponneri of Thiruvallur district.

Ankolam is also well known for its antidotal properties,against several types of poisonous-bites....................Read more


Source: The New Indian Express

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