Graceful trees that please the gods

Kumbhabhishekham (consecration) is the ceremonial process conducted in Hindu temples through which the ‘supreme power’ is invited to inhabit the marble or stone idol. Many rituals, including various homas, are done as part of this ceremony and aagama sastras name a few plant species as essential to these homas.

Avartani known as Helicteres isora L. (Malvaceae) is chief among these plants. Fruit of this shrub is popularly known as Screw Fruit, with its twists that resemble a screw’s threading. In South Indian languages, it is called idampuri valampuri. It is also referred as Mrigashringa in Sanskrit. Marosi and Maraphali are its Hindi names and Muradasinge in Marathi..................Read more


Source: The New Indian Express

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