Vendors, restaurants see business slip away

They have lost around 25-30% of their takeaway traffic after the ban on single-use plastics took effect

What is a drink of tender coconut water or a cold mocktail without a straw? With the ban on single-use plastics, tender coconut sellers and restaurants are struggling to find replacements for straws and plastic cups, integral to their businesses. Small shops and vendors have lost around 25-30% of their business that used to come from takeaways.

Muthukumar, who runs a juice shop in T.Nagar, said that his customers were comfortable with drinking juice without a straw.

But he is facing challenges when it comes to home delivery. “We are planning to deliver juice in glass bottles. But we need to get the bottles back as each costs ?30-?50. I charge ?30 per cup of juice. So the math will not work and I will lose money.” Read more


Source web page : The Hindu

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