The ocean on your plate

This Chennai duo’s long-touted device, that shapes idli s like seashells, is finally on the market

In 2015, when Chennai-based Anantha Narayan and Joseph Babin, the men behind Wannawill Inventorium, released a teaser of their new product — the shell idli plate — on social media, it garnered several thousand hits within a few hours. What it also did was draw emails from scores of interested people wanting to give their boring old idli a nautical twist. As Anantha said back then, the idea stemmed from the fact that nothing innovative had been done with the traditional idli plate for thousands of years. It was time to give it a makeover.

But it took a little over two years for the duo to begin retailing their patented shell idli plate, under the brand Terifica. “Blame it on a host of factors,” says Anantha.

“First demonetisation shooed away potential investors, then Vardah wreaked havoc in the city and extensively damaged the property of the vendor we were tying up with to manufacture the plate. Finally, Joseph and I sought an investor to come on board and help us get the ball rolling.”

They tied up with Anand Eruthayam and set up Terifica Appliances. Anantha and Joseph then went about brushing up their knowledge of metallurgy to see which kind of aluminium would best suit their needs and the kinds of teflon coating they’d need, to be able to oversee the production process personally.....Read more


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