Watch what you eat

Vani Hari of popular blog Food Babeis on a mission to get people toeat organic and to be wary of chemicals in food

Let’s start with a disclaimer. Vani Hari’s blog,, which started in April 2011, is likely to put you permanently off ready-made/processed food for life. With 3 million unique readers across the globe, the blog catapulted her to fame. It was not all good publicity, admittedly. Critics, including a vocal set of scientists, consistently point out that she has no formal background in nutrition. Nevertheless, the ‘Food Babe Army’ seems to keep growing. So much so that Time magazine called her one of the thirty most influential people on the Internet, in a list that includes Swedish gamer PewDiePie, Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber............Read more


Source: The Hindu


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