Old favourites go meat-free

Chefs are opting for local produce above tofu and mock meat, when recreating classic dishes for vegetarians

Gone are the days when vegetarians had to bite into soya or at best mock meat to enjoy textures closest to meat. As the number of vegetarians increases, chefs are pushing the limits of their creativity, using unusual ingredients to create vegetarian versions of classics, while keeping flavours and textures intact.

Master chef Mukhtar Qureshi, Ummrao, Courtyard by Marriott, Mumbai International Airport, admits, “It is a challenge to convert a classic non-vegetarian dish to a vegetarian one because of the mindset of most guests, that a galouti cannot taste good when made vegetarian. If we get the right ingredients and spices, then it is possible to satisfy their palate.”

A melt-in-the mouth galouti kebab on an ulta tawa paratha, may sound commonplace, but it’s unusual in its vegetarian avatar, made with rajma or mushrooms. Traditionally, a galouti is made of finely-ground lamb, blended with several aromatic spices, shaped into a patty and pan-seared.Read more

Source web page : The Hindu

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