The New Spice Routes

pices and herbs, a blend of which when used in the right proportion, give the food a distinct flavour, colour and aroma. An ounce more or an ounce less is bound to spoil the taste, and also the mood. And for the millennials on the go, sourcing spices to tickle their taste buds, and adding the much-needed zing to the varied cuisines from across the world, seems just a click away. 

Thanks to a plethora of options from Sprig, Urban Platter, Urban Flavorz, Keya, Weber, Nutty Yogi, Asa, Earthon, and On1y, among many others that make their food taste better, and lives much more comfortable. From whole, ground to blends, and concentrates, from everyday spices to gourmet, there’s something or the other to make the culinary experience one of its kind. Every player has chosen their area of expertise. While Weber is ruling the world of seasonings, Keya bring a premium range of spices from their lands of origin. Be it the Srilankan cinnamon powder, the Kashmiri paprika powder or the authentic nutmeg powder from Travancore.

Viren Desai, AVP, Jayanti Herbs and Spice, the company behind On1y, says, “Capturing the essence of herbs and spices, On1y is an attempt to bring the luxury of fresh ground spice to every household. Our recent launch includes a range of 11 international seasonings.” The owners started Urban Platter with a vision to deliver ‘simply good food’ to people who seek a personal connection with what they eat, while Earthon lives by the motto, “Every time you buy organic, you’re persuading more farmers to grow organic.”.....Read more


Source web page: New Indian Express

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