Should you switch to camel milk?

With brands like Amul milking in on the camel dairy trend, we find out how healthy the drink is

The easy reign that cow and buffalo milk hold over the dairy industry worldwide is far from over. But as the previous years have shown us, there is a slow but sure rise in the trust we place in local traditions. And so it is that camel milk is entering the dairy market stronger than ever before, with major brands such as Amul, now selling packaged camel milk in select Gujarat markets.

In India, other than tribes in the Kutch region, where it is traditionally had, not many drink or have even heard of camel milk. “I know that there are certain communities in Rajasthan and Gujarat that drink camel milk, but so far, no major research in India has been done on its beneficial properties,” says Sheela Krishnaswamy, former president of the Indian Dietetic Association.Read more

Source web page :The Hindu

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