Nostalgia with food

Food researcher and cookery expert Chandri Bhat launches her first book of recipes. She speaks to CHITRADEEPA ANANTHARAM about why traditional cooking must be preserved

1993. I reluctantly accompanied my mother to attend Chandri Bhat’s cookery class. A top brand offered it for those who had purchased its electric rice cooker. The class opened up a whole new world of possibilities for 20-year-old me.

From cooking just rice, I was confident enough to make carrot halwa, rasmalai, pineapple kesari, date pudding, caramel custard, coconut pulav, dum aloo, chicken corn chowder, chicken pot roast, kheema biryani, dhansak, khaman dhokla — all in the electric cooker!

That’s what Chandri does best — educate. She not only teaches pupils how to cook a particular dish, but educates them on spices, techniques and processes.

All these years, she stopped with teaching. But, on September 10, Chandri released her first cook book, Kitchen Nostalgia. She has also done the food styling for the book.

Why did it take this long for a book?

“I don’t like to work in isolation, and writing a book calls for that. I’ve always involved myself in food research or consultancy, which gave me opportunity to interact with people,” says the 78-year-old.....Read more


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