Meet new meat: The appeal of fake meat

With health and environmental concerns leading to a shift away from meat consumption, there’s now a growing attraction towards plant-based ‘mock meat’ that imitates the taste and texture of the real thing

For 30-year-old Shipra Grover, who lives in New York, increasing her protein intake was quite a challenge as she is vegetarian, and allergic to soy. She began experimenting with ‘mock’ meat two years ago and it has “been a favourite since”. In Minnesota, U.S., 29-year-old Mayuri Jain, who works in the medical insurance industry, never wanted to try non-vegetarian food and was increasingly getting frustrated by the limited vegetarian choices in her part of the world. Then, she came across mock duck vegan satay bowl (a ramen bowl with noodles, vegetables and mock duck) in an Asian restaurant, and “actually liked it”. The mock duck tasted “almost like tofu but a little saltier”. Since then, she’s become more experimental with her food choices, and recently, even started including non-vegetarian food in her diet. Then there is Gracelle Gerber, a South African communication management consultant living in India for the past seven years, who is “easing herself into being vegan". Mock meat is now a regular part of her dinner table, not just for herself, but even when she invites friends.

Alternate diet

The world over, India included, plant-based ‘mock’ meat is penetrating the food market. This taps into people shifting to vegetarian o

r vegan diets, for reasons ranging from the health implications of consuming processed meat — classified by the World Health Organization as “carcinogenic to humans” — to curbing animal cruelty and the environmental impact of maintaining livestock. The latter is an anxiety penetrating the millennial masses, living in a world where climate change and the negative human impact on the environment is a reality......Read more


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