Let’s talk about fat

While 'ghee' has finally been accepted as a super fat, other alternatives are fast joining its league

It wasn’t without serious misgivings that I stirred in a blob of butter into my cup of dark muddy coffee, watched it rise up in a fast-moving eddy of liquid gold at the centre of the cup, and finally settle on top, in a thin, oily film of pasty foam. It reminded me of a steaming cup of Yak butter tea that is a must on holidays in the hills. When I finally took the first sip of my unremarkable keto coffee, “second thoughts" set in.

A few days earlier, in my dietitian’s cabin, I had listened intently while she explained the workings of a ketogenic diet, and squealed in delight when she announced that cheese, cream and butter were my new best friends. Once home, I treated myself to a dollop of malai (cream), freshly skimmed that morning. “Just what the doctor (my nutritionist, in this case) ordered," I beamed.

However, it wasn’t long before the effects of decades-long conditioning, the incessant warnings and the ominous chants “Fat is evil, fat is bad", kicked in. I constantly worried about all the fat I was consuming. It took me quite some time to reconcile with the fact that fats, after all, are not bad. They are, in fact, good.....Read more


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