Laddu No.1

Ma key haath key laddoo. What is it about these five little words that they never fail to throw up an image of a long-suffering mother, toiling away in the kitchen or in front of a sewing machine, all for the sake of her (often ungrateful) children?

I refer to the oft-heard line from Hindi films, which means ‘laddoos prepared by mum’. I have lost count of the number of films where a mother, usually clad in white, would tell her son, ‘Here, I have been making laddoos for you’. And the homesick son would always recall those laddoos with tears in his eyes.

The laddoo occupies the top rung in the Indian hierarchy of sweets. It’s served on all happy occasions — from the birth of a child, to a marriage, to examination successes. And in Hindi films, of course, it is a symbol of a mother’s sacrificial love and outshines every other sweet. Somehow, Ma key haath key Mysore pakdoesn’t evoke the same emotion.

Television chef Ranveer Brar puts it well. “Pedas, laddoos, barfis, jalebis and kalakands will have their takers. But if India has to choose a national sweet, the most likely contender will be the laddoo, and for some good hearty reasons,” he writes in Come Into My Kitchen....Read more


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