It’s better with chutney

Indian cuisine is powered by a versatile supporting cast, whether it’s pickles, papads, raita spin-offs or offbeat chutneys. Even a tiny dollop holds transformative powers—a humble bajra roti comes alive with the green chilli thecha’s assault of spice, while the cooling (and healthy) amrood chutney takes the heat and guilt off a pakoda binge. Using a creative mix of ingredients, from spices and herbs to fruits, regions from around the country have innovated with various chutneys to lend balance, texture and colour to their meals. Here, we pick some lesser-known supporting acts of Indian cuisine.


A popular Manipuri delicacy, eromba is made with boiled vegetables, king chilli and fermented dried fish (ngari is the local choice). While you can use your pick of seasonal vegetables, mushrooms, bamboo shoot, mashed potatoes, cabbage and French beans are safe options for this spicy winter chutney, which pairs beautifully with pork curry and steamed rice.

Hirvi mirchi cha thecha

Green chillies, garlic, peanuts and coriander are all you need to make this formidable Maharashtrian chutney. Alternatively, you can also make a version with red chillies. To make the most of its aromatic flavours, pound the roasted ingredients with a metal or stone pestle instead of grinding in a mixer. And while this chutney is traditionally eaten with jowar bhakris, you can also use it to add a hot, garlicky punch to any meal....Read more


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